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Workshop: Tuta absoluta — Meeting the challenge of the tomato leafminer November 26–28, 2013 | VENUE: Intercontinental Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sponsored by EIAR, IAPPS, USAID, and the IPM Innovation Lab.

  • Presentation by: Shakir Al-Zaidi

    Title:Living with tuta absoluta

  • Presentation by: Mwatawala of Tanzania

    Title:Tuta Absoluta yet another invader at the Tanzanian doorstep

  • Presentation by: Waiganjo of Kenya

    Title:Integrated Pest Management Innovation Lab (IPM-IL) Kenya

  • Presentation by: Mohammed E.E Mahmoud of Sudan

    Title:Natural Enemies of Tuta absoluta in Kassala, Sudan

  • Presentation by: Ensaf S.I. Mohamed and Mohammed E. E. Mahmoud of Sudan

    Title:Evaluation of pheromone lures for mass trapping of the tomato leaf miner Tuta absoluta in tomato under open field and greenhouses in Sudan

  • Presentation by: Durairaj of India

    Title:Status of Solanaceous vegetables in India and possible impact of Tuta absoluta

  • Presentation by: Collatz of Switzerland

    Title:R4D Proposed project:

  • Presentation by: Hopkins of Sweden

    Title:SLU Global Agricultural Sciences for Global Development

  • Presentation by: Gebra of Ethiopia

    Title:An overview of horticultural crops with emphasis on vegetable production in Ethiopia

  • Presentation by: ICIPE Ethiopia

    Title:ICIPE Tuta absoluta activities in North and sub-Saharan Africa: An overview

  • Presentation by: IPM Innovation Lab

    Title:Feed the Future Food Security Innovation Lab: Collaborative Research Program IPM

  • Presentation by: R. Muniappan

    Title:Tuta absoluta: the tomato leafminer

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